Did I leave the oven on?

Muggy August night…sprawled on top of the sheets after a cold shower, feeling like I’ve got sunburn and someone’s torturing me with a heat lamp.  That, despite the fan broadcasting cool air over my still-damp “altogether.”  It’s like a bad cop/good cop routine.  Heat…Cool…Heat…Cool…

Bad cop wins.

In the dark, I slip on jeans and a T-shirt. Walk into the kitchen past a pile of shirts PB dropped by the basement door after a trip away (I forbid him to do laundry). Glance at the stove as I pick up the kettle. 350? Did I leave the oven on last night?

Where are my glasses? Right…  3:50 a.m.

While I pour cream into my coffee, I do the math: With tonight’s nap added to the count, I’ve banked about 14 hours of sleep in the last 72.

Hmm… internal heat and difficulty sleeping.  Menopause?

I wonder what this ride will bring.

When my friends talk about “the change,” they describe some powerful physical symptoms. So far, I’m lucky. The (very) occasional slow burn through my body, but other than that, not much to complain about.

The lack of sleep isn’t really new.  My girls used to call me psychotic for vacuuming or re-arranging the living room in the middle of the night. I once switched the position of a set of bookcases and a rolling piano while they slept. And dusted every one of the books.

Maybe if I stopped drinking coffee the way others drink water…

For me, the biggest mid-life change is mental—the kinds of things I think about. And the things I’ve begun to question. You know that cliché: the older we get the fewer answers we have.

What’s the ride been like for you so far?  And, what do you think accounts for the different way women experience menopause?  Culture?  Diet?  Expectations?

~ Lady Di

P.S.  Clearly, on so little sleep, I won’t be operating any heavy machinery today.  So laundry’s out.  Maybe that will be my hole card in the negotiations with PB to bend on our “green” policy and get air conditioning.  When I was walking back upstairs to start the day at my computer, I accidentally spilled coffee on that pile of shirts.


Link: melatonin’s role in rest and repair http://blog.wellnesstips.ca/blog/?p=128

Neat:  According to our holiday whale-watching tour guide, Orcas don’t sleep in the traditional sense.  We saw one “grandma” whale in the Juan de Fuca Strait that hadn’t stopped swimming in 98 years. (I’m sure every mother out there empathizes with Grandma Orca.)  How do Orcas do it?  They turn off half their brain to let it rest while the other half keeps the breathing (and the swimming) going on.  They don’t have to do the laundry.

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