About Lady Di

Lady Di is the nickname given to me by a friend, long before he became my brother-in-law, and just shortly before the British tabloids began making millions from that title.

It suits me.

I admit it. I can be a little fussy.

I iron my jeans.  I eschew toilet humour.  I peer over my glasses when annoyed, and fling an imperious, “Excuse me??” in the direction of those who offend.

Those who know me say I’m kind.  Eccentric, perhaps. An intellectual. Okay, yes, they use the term ‘geek.’

Sure.  Those words fit.

But, if I’ve learned one thing in 50 some years, it is this: We human beings are as elephants, beautiful in cumbersome complexity, and yet so often reduced to the clichés that describe our aspects.

Of course, it’s easy to say that others fail to see all of who we are because of the limit of their vantage point. To be fair, we don’t always expose ourselves. Like icebergs, many of us reveal but ambiguous accounts of the whole.

And sometimes, we hide ourselves, from ourselves.  Elephants in icebergs, as it were.

At least that’s the case with me.

I’m pretty old school. I like the slow reveal. So, for now, suffice it to say I’m here, looking into the mirror, trying to see beyond the roles and rules of mom and grandmother and wife.

No longer a young woman, I’m trying to extricate myself from the iceberg before I become the matriarch.

What I don’t have in common with the graceful elephant is its memory.  So my struggles to excavate the significant from half a century of the trivial will sometimes be clumsy. Sometimes comical. And sometimes, in the heaving, they will be painful.  But, for better or worse, true.

If, floating by here, you find some word that alters the path of your own iceberg, leave me a comment, won’t you?

Until then,

Elephants swimming.  Really!  http://www.upali.ch/swim_en.html

Published on July 10, 2011 at 7:33 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. Such pretty words, Lady Di! Love the moniker and that you’re willing to share you’re journey back to – or is it toward? – yourself.

    Am behind you, life-wise. Am only just now emerging from the six-year blur that was “Mum to Two-Under 5”. Now that they will both attend school this Fall, it’s time to reexamine who I might be and who I might become.

    For so long, I’ve be defined by who I am in relation to others – daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother…it’s rather heady to contemplate who I might be, all by myself. I have been accepted to college, just waiting to hear about funding and then….well, I’ll keep you posted!

    • Liz, thank you. It is heady to contemplate who we might be, all by ourselves, no matter what stage of life we’re at. I’ve begun to wonder if some of us take refuge in our familial roles. Of course it is rewarding to be busy with everyone else’s needs, but it’s also safe, because we don’t have to face–and act upon–our own. At least that’s the view from here. Congratulations on your decision to go back to school. I hope you have the time of your life!

  2. I have no idea why the word “college” links to CDI College….that’s a bit creepy. Sorry!

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