No more excuses

So, I got up today with the best of intentions.  I thought I’d try a 30 day plan of meeting all these goals – with no excuses:

  • keep all my appointments (even the ones I’d rather reschedule – like the dentist)
  • arrive everywhere on time (I am chronically late; heck, as a child, I lived directly across the street from the school and I was “tardy” every day – morning and afternoon)
  • exercise daily (I’ve been such a slacker since I won the bet with my daughter)
  • make my lunch so there’s no excuse to grab a sandwich on the go (trying to keep wheat out of my diet)
  • do dinner prep in the morning (I hate cooking in the afternoon and so will easily resort to soup or eggs unless PB is home to make something)
  • iron once a week (I hate not having a full wear-ready wardrobe when it’s time to get dressed)
  • read my email once – and respond to it right away (one of the habits of the “highly effective” crowd, I hear)
  • answer phone calls within 24 hours (better, in the long run, than leaving them so long I have to lie and say I was out of town)
  • go to the university to work on my thesis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (to find the academic groove that I’ve clearly misplaced at home)

So, I started the day very positively.  Up, showered, dressed, fed – and outside early enough to clean the snow off the car in a leisurely fashion, warm the vehicle (LOVE seat warmers, don’t you?) and drive to my first client.  I was there with three minutes to spare (no small feat for a 7 a.m. start).

Then I dashed off to my second client (on time for the second because I was on time for the first. Yay, me!). Had a wonderful session.

As I exited the house, I looked at the neighbourhood kids out early playing in the snow before school and wondered if making a few angels in the snow could count as my workout for the day.  Ahem…

The next thing I knew I was seeing – not angels – but stars – and trying to figure out how exactly I had ended up with my left leg bent back under my backside and the toes of my left foot bent back and crushed under the weight of…(see earlier point about my not having worked out for a while).

So, the big toe on the left foot is broken.  And here’s where I am with “no excuses”:

  • keep all my appointments:  The only shoe I can get on my foot if one of PB’s loafers. I didn’t mind going to the liquor store looking like that, but surely I can’t be expected to keep an appointment with a client if I’m not properly shod.  
  • arrive everywhere on time:  I’m not late if I’m a no-show.
  • exercise daily:  Not only did I haul my big sore asset up from a supine position, but I spent the rest of the day giving my right leg a heck of a workout. 
  • make my lunch:  PB made brunch and cleaned up before he went out for the evening.
  • do dinner prep in the morning:  Not much prep involved in making toast and cheese, ice cream with chocolate sauce, and cookies.  Okay, so I blew this one.  
  • iron once a week: It’s all good; I’m not seeing anyone tomorrow and PB says I look fetching in my jammies.
  • read my email once – and respond to it right away:  I had lots of time to kill, so I perused, contemplated, re-read….I’ll answer them tomorrow. It’s more respectful to give emails real attention when you can, don’t you think?
  • answer phone calls within 24 hours: I’ve still got until 9:32 tomorrow morning; as long as I don’t drink too much tequila take too many painkillers, I should be able to get up and meet this deadline.
  • go to the university:  Well, there’s always Friday.  If I can get my shoes on.

Excuses…reasons… Yes, the distinction is in the eye of the beholder.  But, I think I have a very good reason for postponing my “no excuses” plan for a couple of days.

Don’t you?

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  1. IS THIS A JOKE? Did you seriously break a toe and you don’t even call or email with this sort of news? Clearly you need to be kept on a shorter leash… 🙂 xo

    • You can’t just phone people and say, “Hey, here’s my news. I broke my toe.” That’s what blogs are for…. demanding attention in the guise of sharing wisdom. Nice to read your comment here. 🙂

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